For Busy Mom’s Who Are Ready To Shed The Mummy Tummy...
How To Shed the Mummy Tummy Without Spending Hours Doing Cardio.
If you’re a busy mom, then chances are, you’ve got some big goals for toning up your tummy...
You want to embrace your mom bod. You want to feel confident in your body, stop stressing about your weight, and lose inches and fit back into your pre-pregnancy jeans
However, there’s just a few problems right now:
  •  You’re overwhelmed, trying to get everything done, you’re last on the list
  •  You KNOW what you need to be doing to be healthier, but you don’t have the time or energy to actually do it
  •  You feel guilty wanting to spend time/energy on yourself
If any of this had you nodding your head, thinking “yes, that’s me”—then read on, because I’m so excited to share this game-changing opportunity with you.
I’m going to show you how, after trying and failing with so many different methods and fads, and feeling frustrated and worried that nothing will ever work for you, you can get OUT of this pattern and completely turn you health around.

So if you’ve ever felt “stuck”—or even “incapable”—because you feel like...
  •  There’s not enough time in the day to focus on you and get back to feeling amazing.
  •  It’s all too confusing and don’t know where to begin. 
  •  You can’t move forward because you are exhausted and tired. 
Then I’m ready to personally show you a brand new way to shed the mummy tummy —starting TODAY. 

Listen. I know from my own experience (and from the experience of working with hundreds of busy mom’s) that there is a simpler way to shed of the tummy and fit into your jeans again with confidence.
The Forever Formula
12 Week Body Transformation Program.
… So You Can Tone Your Tummy (and the back fat)
& Embrace Your Mom bod.
Whether you desire to:
  •  Feel confident in your body so you can feel proud of yourself
  •  Not stress about weight anymore so you can set a good example for your children on their health
  •  To have all day energy so you can enjoy life with your children
  •  Carve out time in the day for personal pleasures so you can have something that’s all MINE and for ME
The Forever Formula will take you by hand, and lead you step-by-step to the confident, healthy, and toned body you’ve been yearning for… and the kind of lifestyle you know you deserve. 

A life where you get to do everything you’ve ever imagined… 

Like waking up and getting excited to get dressed, or 

Have energy to play with your kids and not be achy, or even 

Find time for YOU and your goal of shedding the mummy tummy despite having no time. 
Just Imagine the Difference:
From Overwhelmed & Fed Up 
To Feeling Confident In Your Body 
Even though it might not seem like it, it’s actually never been easier to carve out time in the day for your personal goals.

It’s possible to get your tummy flat without spending hours on end sweating on a treadmill.  

There are hundreds of busy mom’s I’ve already helped who are looking in the mirror and loving the way their clothes fit. 

While working with these busy mom’s ... I’ve discovered one clear lesson—there is a proven method for melting the fat off your midsection. 

It’s learnable and you can use it to shed the mummy tummy yourself.  

And, I’m going to you show you exactly how to make all of this happen for yourself... even if it feels intimidating, or “impossible” right now. 

But first… 

Let me tell you a little more about how I know this works, and WHY I do what I do.

My Weight Loss Journey…
When I first had my ah ha moment 3 years ago, I felt frustrated and fed up with my lack of confidence. I tried everything: bootcamps, long cardio sessions daily, endless fad diets ...

And none of it worked.

After years of effort and failed attempts, I finally realized that what I needed was a cohesive plan that focused on MY body and needs… not random fads from people online who aren’t even certified.

I knew I didn’t want to feel this way anymore.

I decided things had to change. That’s when I made my “No Plan B Commitment” to myself.
Hating getting dressed in the morning was not an option. Feeling frantic and snapping at my kids was not an option. Putting myself last all the time was not an option. I was all in.

So I hired an online health coach and took the leap. 

I implemented all of the principles I’ve been teaching you up until this point. 

And I found up losing 35lbs and 4 pant sizes. 

This was my turning point. 

After this, I realized I HAD to help others do the same. So I became a certified pre and post natal personal trainer, and specialist in sports nutrition. 

So if you’re tired of researching and trying and failing and ending up in the same exact place.... 

I have something for you :-) 

Having a proven, step-by-step plan you can follow - regardless of your fitness level - gives you the confidence that this won’t be like the other attempts, that you’ll finally stick with it and create lasting change around your ability to shed the mummy tummy and feel confident in your body.  

Plus, it allows you to skip over the expensive mistakes I made, and the frustration and shame. 

Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Join
The Forever Formula
  •  Workouts + Meal Plans + Custom Calorie Calculator to Melt the Fat off your Body 
  • Use this to shed inches so you can instantly start improving your energy and build your confidence in your body.
  •  Tips on Navigating Eating out, Carb Cravings and more 
  • This will be invaluable in creating sustainable habits around shedding the mummy tummy long term so you can fit back in your pre-pregnancy jeans.
  •  Be Part of a Community
  • Never feel like you’re going through this journey alone when you join us group coaching calls so you can be held accountable and receive ongoing feedback and support. 
Take a Look at What Current Members Of
Forever Formula Have to Say:
Here’s EXACTLY What You’ll Get As A Member Of The Forever Formula: 
I’ve combined my years of experience working as a personal trainer to create the proven plan that you’ll use to shed the unwanted mummy tummy.

The program is broken down into 8 main modules that are accessible all at once along with 3 bonuses.  

All of the program materials, including professionally shot HD videos, MP3s, video tech training tutorials and worksheets are available inside the online Forever Formula membership site and Facebook group. 
Getting Started + Macro Fundamentals
  •  In this module you will discover how to get started so you can maximize your results by understanding why you should be eating certain foods more.
  •  You will also learn how to simply cook meals the family will enjoy without having to sacrifice spend hours cooking fancy meals
Meal Planning + Workouts
  •  In this module you will discover how to cut the overwhelm so you stay organized and shave time for YOU in the day.
  •  You will also learn how to simply get in your workouts without having to sacrifice time to go to the gym.
Grocery Shopping Made Easy
  •  In this module you will discover how to feel less confusion on how to shop so you feel in control of your shopping decisions.
  •  You will also learn how to simply navigate the grocery stores without having to sacrifice feel frantic and overwhelmed.
Tip for Eating on the Go
  •  In this module you will discover how to not stress about eating on the go so you can eat in the real world and stay on track.
  •  You will also learn how to simply make the best selections without having to sacrifice all your favourite foods.
Choosing Carbs Wisely
  •  In this module you will discover how to prevent unwanted cravings so you stay on track to melting the fat off your body.
  •  You will also learn how to simply choose your carbs without having to cut them out of your life forever.
Curb Carb Cravings
  •  In this module you will discover how to curb the cravings so you don’t derail all your hard work.
  •  You will also learn how to simply in control of your cravings without having to feel constant confusion and overwhelm with cravings that stop your fat loss goals.
  •  In this module you will discover how to incorporate oils in your family so you set a good example and incorporate your children and teach them selfcare.
  •  You will also learn how to simply use oils to naturally help your children without having to sacrifice  
The System To Help You 
Create The Mom Bod You Desire In The Comfort Of Your Own Home.
When you enroll in The Forever Formula you’ll get LIFETIME access to the material. 

I’ve set up the program so that you learn and implement quickly—with my support and real-time coaching along the way. 

The Forever Formula starts right now 

PLUS—When You Order Today, You’ll Also Get Access to These Exclusive Bonuses:
Overcoming Food Cravings Workshop ($199)
  •  In this 60 minute workshop you will understand your food cravings and how to conquer them once and for all
  •  You will learn how to control your food cravings so they don't control you.
The Truth About Emotional Eating Workshop ($199)
  •  Discover the latest techniques to overcome the common triggers and finally free yourself from eating your emotions.
  •  You will also learn the truth about emotional eating so you can STOP eating your emotions. 
The Mindsets for Lasting Weight Loss Workshop ($199)
  •  In this 60 minute workshop you will learn why weight loss is more about thought patterns than it is about calorie counting.
  •  You will also learn the fundamental changes in your thought patterns to accelerate your weight loss goals more quickly.
Registration Is Only Open for A Limited Time
You can choose to pay for lifetime access upfront with a one-time payment or choose the payment plan. Both enrolment options include a 100% money back guarantee. 
One Time Payment
    3 Monthly Payments
      Enrolment Closes
      April, 14th, 2019 at 9:00pm EST
      The Forever Formula Is Different...
      Look. You don’t need to “feel ready” to get started. You just need to start.

      The Forever Formula was made just for you, so you can jump start your goal to shed the mummy tummy, all with a proven step-by-step plan and personalized support so you can learn as you go. 

      Like I said earlier, you just need to start. Move forward, and continue to take imperfect action.

      But, I do understand that making this kind of life-changing decision is a big deal.  

      That’s why I want you to feel totally at ease when making this decision to join us in the Forever Formula. I’ve done everything I possibly can to guarantee that when you follow the steps laid out for you in the program, you will make rapid progress.  

      I can confidently say that, because I’ve worked with hundreds of busy mom’s who were just like you when they enrolled in the forever formula -- and within a few months they felt confident getting dressed in the morning. 

      That’s Why The Forever Formula Is Backed By A
      100% Invest With Confidence Guarantee
      Here’s how the guarantee works: 

      14 day money back guarantee, if you have implemented the program content and still feel it isn’t working for you.
      Being able to lose x lbs and fit back into your pre-pregnancy jeans, feel GOOD & confident when getting dressed in the morning.
      Now imagine this kind of thing happening every single day.
      Imagine feeling the kind of confidence that comes with feeling confident when you get dressed or go shopping. 
      Imagine finally being able to achieve your goals of shedding inches .

      This can and will happen for you… 

      So don’t wait for another opportunity to shape your future. This is your chance! 

      Enrollment closes soon, so click below, choose the best package and sign up today. 

      Your friend,  

      Jaime x
      One Time Payment
        3 Monthly Payments
          Enrolment Closes
          April, 14th, 2019, at 9:00pm EST
          Is this a group program?
          A: It is a group program that I run in small starting groups to ensure I can provide lots of feedback and support.
          How long will it take me to go through the entire program?
          A: It is a self led program, meaning you can take as long as you need to complete it. It is designed as a 12 week program.
          How much time per week do I need to set aside to complete the program?
          A: a few hours per week to look at the relevant module, meal prep and exercise is all you need.
          I’m going to be out of town next month, will I fall too far behind? 
          A: The program is available anytime, in the fit mom’s training academy. You can take many aspects (workouts, and eating strategies) with you when you go away. Since it is self led, you work through it at your own pace.
          How do I know if this program is right for me?
          A: If you’re coachable, ready to make a change, you know you need support and want to see results that last in a way that isn’t another fad, or requiring hours of your time per day.
          When can I expect to see results?
          A: Every women is different. I have many busy mom’s who have seen results within the first 2 weeks.
          What else do I need to buy to see results with your program?
          A: There is a recommended list of exercise equipment, which the total cost isn’t more than a few hundred dollars. Long term saving you hundreds not needing a gym membership. Many of my workouts can be done with no equipment at all!
          What if I have trouble accessing the program or have a question? How can I get help? 
          A: you can contact my customer service by email I will respond between M-F 9:30-3pm ATL. I am active in the Exclusive facebook community so you can also tag me in a post there.
          What if I don’t like it? Can I get a refund?
          A: I offer a 14 day money back guarantee. 
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